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General Information

We strive to make your wedding a beautiful, stress-free, rustic, yet elegant event. In order to do so, the wedding party and guests are expected to abide by the following rules and guidelines. Any attendees not adhering to these guidelines may be asked to leave the premises.


Parking: Parking in designated areas only. The owners or staff will be available to direct guests and service provider parking. Absolutely no driving across or parking on the lawns in front of the barn. Caterers, DJ or band members will be directed to park behind the back of the barn while unloading or providing services for the event.


Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required at the signing of the contract and reserves the barn and facilities for the event. Six months prior to the wedding, half of the remaining balance is due and payment in full is to be paid ten days prior to the event. Failure to pay half of the balance six months prior will result in forfeiture of the date unless special arrangements have been made with the owners of Hampton Road Farms Events, LLC. Payments are accepted by mail or in person by cash or check.


Planning Meeting: The wedding couple is required to schedule a planning meeting two weeks to ten days prior to the wedding during which the time and location of the ceremony, number of expected guests, set up and any special instructions or requests will be provided. At this time, the remaining balance must be paid if not paid prior.


Bridal, Engagement Photos: Couples who have reserved the barn with a $250 non-refundable deposit may have any bridal or engagement photos made at the farm free of charge by appointment when other events are not being held.


Decorations and Times of Availability:

- No additional drapery, lighting or additional decorations will be hung from the highest ceilings in the barn.

- Draperies to be hung on the door must be provided in advance by the wedding party and will be hung by the staff of Hampton Road Farms, LLC at an additional cost of $125

- Wedding parties reserving the barn for a rehearsal dinner at a cost of $450 may arrive no earlier than 5 p.m. and leave the premises by 9 p.m. An additional $150 per hour will be charged for parties remaining after 9 p.m.

- Wedding parties arriving for a one hour walk-through rehearsal must arrive no earlier than 5 p.m. and leave the premises by 6 p.m. An additional hour may be reserved for $150 and each additional hour for $150 each and must be pre-approved and pre-paid.

- Members of the Saturday wedding party may access the barn at 9 a.m. And must complete clean-up of personal items and leave the premises by 11 p.m. Any decorations requiring additional time to remove may be subject to a surcharge of $150 or become the property of Hampton Road Farms Events, LLC. Members of the Friday or Sunday wedding parties may arrive at 11 a.m. And must complete clean-up of personal items and leave the premises by 10 p.m.. Failure to leave the premises by 10 p.m. will result in a $150 charge.

- Any signs, photographs, wreaths, fabric or other decorations requiring the use of a ladder, screws, nails or ropes must be pre-approved by the owners, hung and removed by them. Any decorations requiring longer than the allotted time to remove will be subject to a surcharge of $125 or become the property of Hampton Road Farms Events, LLC.


Alcohol: Hampton Road Farms Events, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for alcohol served at the event. Wine or beer in bottles or cans only. The wedding or event parties must provide a special one day event insurance in order to provide alcohol or a licensed and insured bartender or caterer may be used. No kegs, liquor, drugs or paraphernalia nor tailgating in the parking area are allowed and guests bringing these items will be asked to leave or law enforcement may be called. The wedding party or caterer is responsible for providing ice, coolers, corkscrews, etc. and placing all used bottles and cans in trash or recycling receptacles provided.


Children: All children must be accompanied and supervised by parents at all times or by a responsible party designated by the couple and families. Children are NOT ALLOWED to run through the barn or patio area and must be supervised while on the farm due to inherent dangers posed by the creeks, ponds, driveway and various animals, insects and reptiles who inhabit the environment. Hampton Road Farms Events, LLC assumes no responsibility for children and the bridal party will be held responsible for items broken or damage caused. Any guests harming wildlife, adult or child, will be asked to leave the premises.


Smoking and Open Flames: Only battery operated or LED candles are allowed inside the barn. No open flames or smoking are allowed inside the barn or under the barn roofs. Smoking is allowed in the patio and outside areas and sand receptacles are provided.


Changing: Grooms and groomsmen should arrived dressed. Brides and bridesmaids may use the Bridal Changing Room. No smoking nor alcohol is allowed in the bridal changing room and coasters are provided for non-alcoholic drinks.


Ceremony and Send-off: No confetti, synthetic materials, loose glass or plastic items may be used on tables or thrown on the ground during the reception or for an entrance or exit. If flower petals are to be sprinkled along the bridal path, only real flowers are to be used. For a sparkler send-off, lines of guests must begin beyond the dry mulch under the direction of the owner of Hampton Road Farms, LLC and children must be supervised. Only one sparkler per guest is allowed. The photographer should direct guests when to light sparklers. A container of sand or water is to be provided by the wedding party to safely extinguish spent sparklers and prevent a fire hazard.


Inclement Weather: In case of rain or extreme temperatures, the ceremony may be held inside the barn. The pews may not be used for indoor weddings and it is recommended that guests be allowed to sit at the tables which will be set up for the reception. Four rows of chairs on either side of a center aisle may be set up for immediate family if desired.


Furnishings: The pews and chairs may be used outside the barn for the ceremony weather permitting and will be moved and arranged by the owners and staff of Hampton Road Farms, LLC . No furniture on the patio area or in bridal changing room may be moved or rearranged. The owners or staff will move furnishings if requests are deemed reasonable or necessary. Coasters for drinks are provided in the Bridal Changing Room and hooks are provided for hanging.


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